Riza Santos’ mission is to inspire and empower people of all ages and from all walks of life to achieve their dreams and realize their full potential. She strives to serve as an example for young women especially, to be influencers and leaders in all career fields while exemplifying compassion and servitude.

Riza is an artist with a rich and unique background. Her combination of studying engineering, serving in the Canadian armed forces, succeeding as an international actress and talent, and volunteering in the community embody her life’s mission.

She was born in a rural town with a population of five thousand people. As a teenager, she enrolled in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve with 15 Field Ambulance and completed her Basic Military Qualification and Soldier Qualification.

Riza has excelled in a number of areas. She studied Engineering in university and has been awarded numerous scholarships, such as the Chinese Entrepreneurs Society of Canada Scholarship, the University of Calgary’s Science Excellence Award as well as the competitive and prestigious Byron J. Seaman scholarship for two years in a row.